Private live meeting or online via Skype one on one with the master – any game is played depending on the request. The duration of the game is determined by the player depending on his needs and requests. The live game is held as agreed in one of our venues. Online games can be played anytime and anywhere in the world…

This format is intended for those who are not yet ready and do not want to share their personal information with others. In private mode, there are opportunities to go there and as deep as the player wants. The vector of parsing the question can change at the request of the player. After the game, the player has the opportunity to consult on individual issues, if the need arose. In this format, confidentiality of information is guaranteed.


Games are played on Skype at any convenient time and it does not matter where you are. Online games are convenient because there can participate two, three or more people at one time, even if everyone is in different places. The duration of the game is determined by the number of participants

Games of this format are convenient for friends / partners / relatives, i.e. for those who are familiar with each other, because get feedback and support faster. The game can be either on a general topic or on individual requests. In the game, different views on things are easier discussed, a common understanding of the situation and the adoption of a mutually beneficial decision comes. The game creates trust in each other. The game can also be held for one person with a “support group”, which can either participate in the game or just be present in the process


The game can be held both in person at one of our venues, and on Skype. The duration of the game depends on the participants themselves and the request they are considering. This is a game for those who do not want to discuss their personal or family issues with other people.

The game is determined depending on the request – it can be either a discussion of some issue and finding a solution, or determining a strategy to achieve goals. When a loved one is aware of the issue and is ready to provide help and support, the task is solved faster. Often, a look from the partner’s side gives that necessary resource, which is not enough. The game helps to uncover such moments and creates even more trust between partners


All games are held live only in our studio or in any other place as agreed with the participants. The game requires the presence of more than 4 people to get versatile feedback. The duration of the game depends on the number of players participating in the process.

Each game has its own format and, depending on the request, this or that game is selected. You can go into the game with almost any question – the main thing is to be open to incoming information. Open games mean free discussion between participants of their requests, receiving new ideas, support and energy from other players, finding non-standard solutions. If you have difficult moments, you can get advice on who else you can contact or what needs to be done. Most often, people unfamiliar with each other gather for the game.


Games of this format involve live communication between the participants. The duration of the game is determined by the theme and the number of players. Similar games are held on the border between the training, the game and the seminar – it all depends on the request. Games can be held both in our studio and elsewhere as agreed.

The theme of the game can be completely different – money, career, relationships, communications, goal setting, creating a business, etc. During the game, there is an open discussion of the task, identifying the limitations and the necessary resources to achieve the goal. There comes an understanding of why it doesn’t work and what needs to be done to make it work. United by one question, participants get energy and insights to move in the direction they want to go.


If there is a need to spend time with benefit – be it an event, a meeting of friends, a corporate party – we offer to play. This is a lively format for holding a game in our studio, office, outdoors, in a cafe or other place. It can be either a common project / topic, or just communication as you wish. Time, place and duration are agreed upon by the players.

In the game, you can take any neutral topic and not delve into the psychological aspects of resolving any problems. It can be just a way to communicate and get to know each other better, find common topics of interest, develop creative / imaginative / creative thinking, develop communication skills in a game format. The game can help create more trusting, close, and caring relationships between loved ones.


The game is played in a live format in our studio, your office or in an away format. The duration of the game is determined by the request and the number of participants. When playing games, an integral (integrated) approach to solving the problem is used.

Such games can be called a brainstorming in a limited time. Before the game, the task that needs to be solved is determined. This can be the achievement of a specific goal, the search for an optimal solution, team building, identifying blind spots, modeling situations, developing strategic / creative / imaginative thinking, developing certain skills, etc. Each participant defines a task for himself in the context of the request and in the process of the game discovers his new sides.

Game participation is possible
only by prior arrangement!