research – clarity – knowledge


The game is a space of freedom and creativity, excitement and energy, confidence and security.
This is a place where you can go beyond the established rules and dance your life, search and model,
explore and study, get high from the realization of your own abilities.

T-games, or as they are also called – transformational, strategic, psychological or coaching –
teach us to expand our imagination and change our thinking in a game format, erasing our fears, limitations and beliefs.
They can be called a brain simulator, and brains are our imaginative thinking.

A figurative or abstract vision of the world allows you to solve many problems with a bang –
non-standard solutions and insights appear, information is absorbed faster, the perception of the surrounding world is changing,
there is inner calm and confidence from understanding yourself and the situation as a whole.


T-games are an opportunity to find answers to your questions and it doesn’t matter in what area of ​​life they lie – personal development or relationships, career or money, creativity or opening your own business, finding meaning or just learning how to accept the world as it is. It is a tool for self-exploration and the discovery of new aspects of your life.

During the game, clarity and understanding of the situation appear – t-games help to understand yourself, open your blind spots, analyze the current situation, see the limitations, make the right choice, find the best solution, get insight, find opportunities and resources, build a profitable strategy, understand where to go next or what you basically want. This is an opportunity to see the whole picture.

T-games accelerate the achievement of the intended goal, because fears, doubts and limitations are removed in the process.

This is a way in a game form to open up for something new – to go beyond the usual thinking, look at the situation on the other hand, imagine the likelihood of another course of the event, experiment with various ways to resolve disputed issues.

The game does not have any obligations and requirements, here you can give free rein to your imagination to lose your head a possible scenario of the desired result. In the game, you can find new things and transfer the gained experience to real life. Learning to be just happy here and now, make new acquaintances, receive a boost of energy and support, plan and implement your plan. Here you can be yourself – open and safe at the same time, begin to fulfill your dreams and achieve your goals.

Everyone can take what he needs!



A transformation game that allows you to consider your request from different angles, see its positive and negative points, reveal your potential, find resources and


A game-training for girls and women to build strong relationships with their partners. The game allows you to understand personal relationships with your life partners


A strategic game-catalyst in which the path to achieving a specific goal is clearly and precisely defined. The game allows you to check your goal


One-on-one meeting live or online with the master – any game or MAC consultation is held. In private mode, the player’s question on any topic is considered – relations, work, etc. or understand the situation, make a decision, make a choice, understand yourself


A game at your request in a group of up to 6-8 people is an opportunity to look at your situation through the eyes of other people, find resources, see limitations, get new ideas, support, energy. A game is possible both in the company of strangers, and in the circle of close friends


A game on a specific theme, for example, money, career, communication, etc. This is a combination of theory and training in a game format. There are certain rules that must be followed in order to achieve your goal. But they are periodically ignored…


A game as a search for solutions for business projects, a game for promotion, development and advancement in a business / team. The group makes a specific request to achieve a specific goal. But everyone has their own role in the project. All together work out a project in the game.

Games are held both in a group and individually in a live format and online (via Skype).
Group game lasts 3-6 hours, depending on the number of players, individual – up to 2 hours.
Venue of group games – our studio in the center of Riga on the street. Stabu 58.
Individual games may take place in another place (as agreed).
It is also possible to host games at your address (on request).


All T-games are board games in a question and answer format.
Firstly, the game shows the real state of affairs of the player.
Secondly, it allows you to reconfigure the subconscious in the right direction, because it is there that all beliefs and limitations sit.
Thirdly, the skills of searching for new ideas, communication skills, the ability to be open to new things, imaginative and strategic thinking are trained.
During the game, an open discussion of the questions posed takes place.
You can argue and prove, seek and discuss everything that comes to mind in the context of the question – there are no borders.
There are no ready-made solutions in the game and no one except the player knows the answer to his question.
Only he, knowing his situation from the inside, in the process of discussion can find his optimal solution.

1. Request definition

The correct formulation of the question is already its solution by 50%. If this is the goal, then the task will be how to achieve it, the dream – the possibility of its implementation is being checked, the choice – the criteria for the benefits of each option are determined

2. Game entry

At the first stage, the state and motivation for solving the set request are determined, what resources and obstacles are at the moment. And do you want what you want

3. Map movement

Further, making moves on the map, it is necessary to answer questions in the context of your request. It is a process of open and honest discussion with other players – finding options and self-exploration

4. Action plan

By the end of the game session, there is a certain action plan for what needs to be done to achieve your request. Or it may be that you come with one request, and you leave with another


It was somewhat unexpected for me, because played for the first time. But she left the game with a full understanding of her situation. Thanks for the respect!


Loved the game! There were many insights to your request. But it’s interesting that the stories of other players were cut too! It turned out that I came up with one question, and worked on other topics as well. Leading Elena very professionally helped to understand, understand and drip even deeper! Thank you and highly recommend it!


I will play with enormous pleasure, I will sing more than once!!! Thank you


I really liked the game. Time flew by. Thank you presenter Elena. She guided it very correctly with leading questions and it turned out to look so deeply and understand what to do next. What she was afraid to admit even to herself before. As it turned out fear is a new opportunity! Thank you and will definitely try to pump another request!



Elena Poddubnaya – master of transformational games, consultant and game coach, MAC master and NLP master

Hello! For more than 5 years I have been fond of transformational games, metaphorical cards and other techniques that allow finding optimal solutions in difficult situations – psychology, philosophy, creative, strategic and integral thinking, oriental practices, quantum physics

For me, the game is one that combines many practices, a system. Learning is easier in the game, new experience is safely formed and lived, faster realization and acceptance of many processes and actions takes place. The game shows us the reality as it really is, without illusions and unnecessary expectations. The game helps us to pick up the keys and open the locked doors of our subconscious mind so that we can move forward – we ourselves find our optimal solution in the framework of the task. And this will be the most correct solution to the question, because no one but us knows the situation better than ourselves

Game participation is possible
only by prior arrangement!