The goal of the game is to get married. The game is built on an understanding of its value and its priorities and, as a result, on managing the relationship between you and the man. In the game format, you go through different stages of meetings with the opposite sex – the process of dating, romantic dates before sex, the development of relationships with sex, living together. The first question that you will encounter in the game is whether you want to get married at all. It often happens that relatives put pressure on you, the opinions of others, the stereotype of “so accepted”, and it may well turn out that you don’t want to marry at all. The game ends with the victory of one of the participants, who receives a marriage proposal.

The task of the game is to play different situations in the form of answers to emerging questions, to learn to understand how to act in order to make the right choice of a life partner, with whom you can build long-term harmonious relationships.


A game-training for girls and women to build strong relationships with their partners. The game allows you to understand personal relationships with your life partners or simply establish a harmonious communication with men.

This game is a diagnosis of your internal state and your relationship with the opposite sex. It’s also an opportunity to draw up a strategy for creating a shared future.

What will the game give you:

  • – the ability to understand yourself – do you need a relationship
  • – understanding of your weak points and blind spots
  • – focus on goals and objectives, what needs to be done, and first of all for yourself
  • – awareness and inspiration for certain actions
  • – self-confidence

Cupidon game is a bit of:

  • – psychology – Karpman’s triangle (model of interaction between people), ambivalence (internal contradictory state) and something else
  • – provocations – change of thinking and vision, impulse to action
  • – humor – laughter helps to overcome internal barriers
  • – training – as a way of self-improvement
  • – transformations – understanding of female strategy
  • – good mood – life can be beautiful in any of its manifestations!

The game will help answer eternally female questions:

  • How to meet the man of your dreams and marry him?
  • What is wrong with me that I cannot meet a worthy person?
  • What do I need to do to get married?
  • There is a man, but he doesn’t make an offer. Why?
  • I am already married, but there is no joy. What to do?

What can happen after the game:

  • – you will understand that loving yourself is very important
  • – start looking at men differently
  • – find out why you need to act this way and not otherwise
  • – just chatting can be fun too
  • – suddenly meet him

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