What is figurative or abstract thinking?

This is an opportunity to see the whole picture from disparate puzzles. This is an instant result. This is the creation of something new. This connection is not connected. This opportunity is given by the development of the right hemisphere of the brain. One way to get the skill is through games that use associations and metaphors. Any kind of art is a source of association. The question is how often do we discuss and pull out our associations or images out? How often do we draw lines from one task to another or try to assemble a single whole from many disparate components? Games originally lay in themselves mechanics for the development of imagination. They make the brain work, solve problems, simulate situations.

What are transformational games?

Transformational games are like mini-diagnostics of the current situation of a question in a question-answer format. This is an opportunity in a game form to go beyond the usual thinking, look at the situation from the other side, imagine the probability of another course of events, and explore ways to resolve disputed issues. There are no obligations and requirements, here you can give free rein to your imagination and lose in your head a possible scenario of the desired result. Games are a mix of psychology, coaching, philosophy, training, modeling and other techniques in the format of a board game

Metaphysics of transformational games

The universal law of Being is that inside, then outside. In reality, you have what is inside of you. If you want to change something in your reality, you need to change something within yourself. The game allows you to see yourself. Tips that are pulled out in the game allow you to figure out what you are unconsciously afraid of or knowingly do not want to solve. But having solved the internal contradiction, you begin to change your reality and get the result on the question. There is such a saying – if there is a Question, then there is an Answer. And only you yourself can find it within yourself. The only question that remains is whether you want to find it and how long you will look for it, and having found whether you are ready to accept it. And if so, then it already doesn’t matter with anyone – with a specialist, sorting himself into pieces or in the game, in the form of insight and understanding

What does a transformational game look like and how is it played?

Basically, the game is a playing field with a set of cards, dice and other attributes

Most games are designed for groups of 2-6 people. All games live closed format. You just can’t see, you can only play yourself. Participants gather at one table, each draws up his request and, according to certain rules of the game, rolls a die and pulls out clues, parses his question. Depending on the request and the game, participants can take part in the discussion of the player’s question. During the game, a space of ideas, insights, and decisions is created not only for the player, but also for all participants. 3-5 hours play time

What issues can be solved using the game?

The question can be from absolutely any field – relationships, money, career, work, children, study, business, family, personal growth, creativity, etc. You can even ask philosophical questions

Examples of requests:
How to make money?
Where to find a worthy man and get married?
How to organize an event for 100 people?
How to find the perfect job?
How to make peace with a daughter?
What needs to be done in order to live on the seashore?
How to create your own business so that you can spend time on yourself, your family and have prosperity?
How to improve relations with a partner?
What do I really want?
How to achieve a certain goal?
What prevents me from enjoying life?
Where can I find the meaning of life?

What effect will I get from the game?

– the development of figurative or abstract thinking
– personal growth and self-development
– the expansion of one’s resources and capabilities
– the solution of one’s problems and problems – the way out of difficult situations and dead ends
– the study and overcoming of negative emotions (guilt , fears, shame, etc.)
– obtaining effective strategies and patterns of behavior
– finding your destiny and your meanings
– gaining new experience and new acquaintances
– good mood, energy, optimism

What is the difference between transformational games and board games?

Board games are entertainment that aims to win the game. Transformational games are a search for an answer and a solution to a request made by a player. Serious requests are played in the game format, which are often difficult to raise in real life

How to sign up for a game?

You can sign up by filling out the form in the section SIGN UP, or by sending a message to the email info@progames20.com, or through a messenger on social networks. You need to send your contact details (name, phone), which game you want to come to and when. A maximum of 6-8 people can participate in one game (depending on the game)

Game payment

Payment for the game can be made in cash or by credit card (during the game) or by bank transfer to the company account (details are indicated in the section CONTACTS)