A strategic game-catalyst in which the path to achieving a specific goal is clearly and precisely defined. The game allows you to check your goal for reachability, see your capabilities and limitations, understand what needs to be done, find resources and solutions in a difficult situation. This is a game of self-examination – it helps to understand and understand your doubts and desires, makes it possible to simultaneously look into yourself and look at the situation from the outside. The game helps to determine the shortest path to the intended goal with the least losses.

What will the game give you:

  • – understanding what motivates you in your desire to achieve something
  • – consideration of the issue from different points of view
  • – defining your limitations and capabilities
  • – awareness of your real state without illusions
  • – getting unexpected insights and decisions
  • – understanding where you need to move to achieve your goal
  • – balanced strategy planning

During the game, you will need to answer the questions that arise in it, consider your situation in different contexts, find arguments for and against, look for alternatives, explore new ideas and insights. This is an opportunity for you to look at your request from the side from which you never looked, to hear the opinions and support of other participants.

A game includes several game mechanics, usually used individually in other games. Due to this, each move in the game is considered from several positions at once. The game uses techniques of coaching, personal effectiveness, techniques for the development of critical and creative thinking.

The main principles of the game:

  • – play only when you are ready to open up to the new
  • – the goal can be achieved in various ways
  • – the optimal solution to the issue may require internal changes
  • – the game shows the shortest way to achieve your goal


Game format

This is a board game that can be played in a group of friends, close people, employees (up to 8 people), as well as individually. We mainly collect groups of people who do not know each other. If you want to play with family, friends or give someone a gift, contact us and we will discuss this format of the game.

The game is also designed to study business processes. The team defines the task to be solved. Each player has his own role in this task. The game helps to find optimal and profitable solutions, new ideas and insights appear, strategies are determined. There are also games for communication, projects, marketing strategies, etc. These games are played only at the individual request of companies.

The game is possible both in group and in individual format, live or online

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Participation in games is possible only by appointment!