Money deck

Money deck

A money deck is a metaphorical card about money. The technique allows you to work with various attitudes and beliefs formed in relation to money throughout a person’s life.

Cards are a set of pictures, words and messages about money and various human actions with them. Cards help to look into the subconscious and based on the associations that arise when looking at the selected pictures and words, identifies beliefs, resistance and fears about money. All associations (thoughts, feelings, images) arise on the basis of their own experience. It is a very environmental and safe tool for self-exploration. Cards can be used at any age and regardless of culture.

What can be done with cards:

  • – understand what money really means to you, what attracts them and what repels you
  • – get rid of limiting beliefs and fear of losing money
  • – get rid of the parental money model
  • – create new cash settings
  • – formulate a monetary goal and a plan for its achievement
  • – expand your borders in monetary terms
  • – find the balance of money / rest

Work implies only an individual format, live or online

Participation in games is possible only by appointment!