Metaphorical Associative Cards (MAC) are a way to expand your thinking through associations. They allow you to explore your inner world with the help of metaphors, to see yourself in new contexts, to understand your desires and opportunities, to define your goals. They are used in any field.

Cards are a set of pictures and abstract drawings, words and expressions that help to look into the subconscious. Associations that arise when looking at selected pictures and words are the key to solving a player’s request. They provide an opportunity to see their strengths and weaknesses, values, make choices, etc. All associations (thoughts, feelings, images) arise on the basis of their own experience. It is a very environmental and safe tool for self-exploration. Cards can be used at any age and regardless of culture.

Why MAC is needed:

  • – there is a question or situation, but there is no idea how to answer or what to solve – you need to look inside yourself
  • – playing the situation in different variations and choosing the optimal path
  • – as an option for diagnosing, researching and searching for something, awareness of your feelings
  • – the development of imaginative thinking – for creativity, the search for new ideas, self-development
  • – for communications – this is an opportunity in a game form to establish contacts with other people
  • – removal of internal psychological barriers to achieve your goals
  • – search for resources and opportunities

The main thing when working with MAC is a sincere desire for self-investigation and openness. The inner world is very rich – experience, ideas, opportunities, resources, interests – you just need to allow all this to exist not only inside, but outside. This is an opportunity to colorize your life with different colors, to hear the sound of the strings of your soul, to learn to enjoy life.

Research themes:

  • – inner world, resources, opportunities, interests, aspirations
  • – relationships, family, children, colleagues
  • – career, business, money, projects
  • – self-realization, creativity, hobby
  • – health

Working with metaphorical cards implies only an individual format, live or online

Participation in games is possible only by appointment!