A transformation game that allows you to consider your request from different angles, see its positive and negative points, reveal your potential, find resources and a solution in a difficult situation. This is a game for self-examination, which will help to understand and understand your doubts and desires, which gives you the opportunity to look at yourself at the same time, see your capabilities and limitations, and determine how to get to your intended goal. On the one hand, you look at yourself as if from the outside, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses, on the other hand, you find opportunities and resources to overcome your barriers in order to resolve the situation not only with the least losses, but also in the shortest way.

What will the game give you:

  • – understanding what motivates you in your desire to achieve something
  • – consideration of the issue from different points of view
  • – defining your limitations and capabilities
  • – awareness of your real state without illusions
  • – getting unexpected insights and decisions
  • – understanding where you need to move to achieve your goal
  • – balanced strategy planning

During the game, you will need to answer the questions that arise in it, consider your situation in different contexts, find arguments for and against, look for alternatives, explore new ideas and insights. This is an opportunity for you to look at your request from the side from which you never looked, to hear the opinions and support of other participants.

A game includes several game mechanics, usually used individually in other games. Due to this, each move in the game is considered from several positions at once. And then scattered puzzles begin to form in my head into one beautiful picture. As a result, you see your entire situation as if from the side.

The basic principles of the game:

  • – you can come to your goal in different ways
  • – you need to play only when you are ready to open up to the new
  • – all the answers are already inside you, you just need to see them
  • – a temporary solution to issues does not help, you need to look at the situation more broadly
  • – the correct solution to the problem lies between logic and intuition
  • – you always need to look for a balance point
  • – the game can show you the shortest way to achieve your goal
  • – there are no problems, there is a lack of a clear solution

The game contains all the ancient wisdom of different peoples (Indian, Chinese, Greek, Egyptian, etc.) and modern sciences (quantum physics, theory of consciousness, integral techniques, etc.). It combines psychology and philosophy, Buddhism and Shamanism, science and creativity. The Book of Changes, Design of Human, Tarot, Runes of Futhark, Natyashastra, the Hero’s Journey and much more here are intricately intertwined. This knowledge was used in their works by Carlos Castaneda, Hermann Hesse, Ken Wilber, Richard Bach, Neil Walsh, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Vadim Demchog, Paulo Coelho, Timothy Leary and other authors. When playing the game, there is a feeling of connection with such films as ‘Avatar’, ‘Stalker’, ‘Start’, ‘Harry Potter’ and other films.

8 Zen-Questions of Aspect Game:

  • – What do you want?
  • – Why do you want this?
  • – How much do you wish for this?
  • – Who wants this?
  • – Where are you looking for this?
  • – Can you stand it?
  • – Are you ready for the Journey?
  • – Goal or Path?


Game format

This is a board game that can be played in a group of friends, close people, employees (up to 6 people), as well as individually. We mainly collect groups of people who do not know each other. If you want to play with family, friends or give someone a gift, contact us and we will discuss this format of the game. Children from 12 years old can also play the game, but it all depends on the degree of development of the child.

The game is possible both in group and in individual format, live or online.

Game Schedule – see…

Participation in games is possible only by appointment!