Coaching cards

Coaching cards

Coaching associative cards (CAC) – a tool for setting goals and developing strategies for achieving them in an individual format. Maps help to understand your inner potential, see your capabilities and limitations, find resources. They are used in any field.

Cards are a set of pictures, words and questions that help to understand the situation at the moment, determine where to go and build an action plan in a given area. Associations that arise when looking at selected pictures and words are the key to solving a player’s request. They provide an opportunity to see their strengths and weaknesses, values, make choices, etc. All associations (thoughts, feelings, images) arise on the basis of their own experience. It is a very environmental and safe tool for self-exploration. Cards can be used at any age and regardless of culture.

Why do we need cards:

  • – determine what is important at the moment and what needs to be received
  • – consider opportunities to achieve your goals
  • – develop a sequence of necessary actions
  • – calculate the consequences after receiving the planned result
  • – find what will contribute to the achievement of goals, your internal resources

Coaching itself is a relatively tough tool, as it is assumed that after the session a person assumes responsibility for achieving the set goal according to the developed plan and in a timely manner. Yes, it is possible if everything is burning inside and out and it is necessary here, now and very urgently.
But most often, difficulties arise when a person realizes that the chosen pace does not coincide with the internal rhythm. Or it turns out that after a while the set goal loses its relevance, or something else has changed in life…

We offer to build on the inner desire to understand the present moment, to understand what you want to change, where you want to go or what to achieve, to determine your pace, but not to stretch it, but still speed it up a bit so as not to lose the relevance of your goal. Understanding the current situation is already a big step in the right direction. The definition of intermediate goals, the desire to move towards them, the understanding that something can be changed in the current state of affairs is the second big step. Developing your plan of action and being able to maintain your pace to achieve your goals is the third step. Excitement appears when the process of movement begins. And then with every step you want something more than you have. The most important thing is that taking small steps at the beginning, at some point comes the understanding that life has begun to change for the better. The main thing is to keep the focus of attention and take responsibility for committing the necessary actions.

Which may be requests:

  • – finding a solution
  • – maintaining balance
  • – achieving goals
  • – analysis of the current position
  • – strategic planning
  • – cause and effect
  • – communications
  • – modeling the future
  • – working with beliefs

Working with coaching cards implies only an individual format, live or online

Participation in games is possible only by appointment!